Talk Gertie To Me
ISBN: 9781940795263

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Winner of the 2007 Readers and Book Buyers Best Laurie Award
Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist

Two years ago Nori Stedworth fled the conservative mentality of both her parents and Ten Commandments, Iowa, for Manhattan. She loves her new life -- until one devastating afternoon that culminates with the arrival of her mother. Mom is suffering from middle-age meltdown. Her only identity is as a wife and mother, but her husband is a workaholic, and her daughter is halfway across the country. Grandchildren would give her life new purpose. If only Nori would come to her senses and marry town mortician and most eligible bachelor Eugene Draymore.

To that end, Mom sets off to bring Nori home. But when she meets Nori’s neighbor, her plans take an unexpected twist, and she’s thrust headfirst into a career as the next Martha Stewart. Suddenly, she’s a somebody in her own right and reconsiders returning to her old life.

As a coping mechanism, Nori resurrects Gertie, her adolescent imaginary friend. A laptop mix-up lands her musings in the hands of Mackenzie Randolph, a talk-radio station manager on deadline to boost sagging ratings or lose his job. He knows he’s found the answer to his prayers when he reads Nori’s make-believe correspondence.

And maybe he’s found much more.

Meanwhile Dad, with Eugene in tow, comes in search of his AWOL wife. Tempers flare when Mom refuses to return home. However, when she and Dad hear Nori on the radio, they unite to “save” her from the corruption of both Mac and Manhattan.

And that’s when things really get interesting.

"Whimsical, funny, and original, Winston's small-town-girl-makes-good romance shouldn't be missed." Maria Hatton, Booklist

“ of the most unique, enjoyable, and hilarious stories I have ever read. From the opening page I was completely hooked, laughing out loud at times. I think everyone will be able to relate to this story, as we all have a little bit of Gertie inside us. The secondary characters touched my heart and brought the story to life making TALK GERTIE TO ME a definite must read. This is Lois Winston’s debut novel and I think she is going to be an author to watch out for in the future.” Dina Smith,, 5 stars

“Absolutely hilarious! At one point of the book I tried to read the story out loud, with different voices for each character. But I could not keep a straight face and I kept snickering. This novel is like two stories in one. Nori and Connie take turns telling what is going on in their lives. Oh, and the secondary characters are just as colorful as the main ones!...Author Lois Winston deserves a standing ovation for this gem!” Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews, 5 stars

“I could so relate to this book! I snickered and hooted and smiled all the way through...Ms. Winston brought to life characters that we all know and love; Nori trying to break away from her parents, her conservative father, her menopausal mother, a gorgeous hunk of a hero and a fantasy friend. The setting, in busy New York, added to the craziness of the story. I encourage you to do two things, get your copy of TALK GERTIE TO ME and put Lois Winston on your automatic buy list. She has a winner on her hands with this outrageously funny book that will brighten any day!” Donna Zapf, Single Title Reviews, 5 stars

“TALK GERTIE TO ME scores with fast-paced, witty dialogue and loveable characters! Lois Winston crafts sparkling humor and simply hilarious encounters between the sexes, all while weaving in a great, contemporary romance. Each page brought a new round of chuckles, and readers will be charmed and delighted at the heartfelt and satisfying conclusion. Ms. Winston ...shows a real talent for writing characters of varied backgrounds and ages. I was enchanted and will be looking for her next book!” Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews, 5 angels

“A funny book that I didn't want to put down. Told with several points of view and it works.” Denise Fleischer, Gotta Write Network, 5 stars

“...light-hearted fare sure (to) leave you with a smile on your face. Nori’s alter-ego, Gertie, is just hilarious and actually says what many women think, but would never say. It’s worth reading this book, just for Gertie’s rants...I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ms. Winston’s lively, fun-filled debut.” Kendra Patterson, Romance Reader at Heart, 4 rose read

“Wow! Where’s this book been hiding? The storyline is fresh, offbeat and substantial.” Flavia Knightsbridge, Romantic Times

“...a delightful burst of fresh air, filled with wry humor and straight-out comedy which will have you laughing out loud...a must read for anyone who enjoys good writing and situation comedy.” DanaRae Pomeroy, Readers and Writers Ink Review

“This is definitely a must read!...You won’t be able to put the book down!” G.M., The Cross Stitcher

"Totally delightful, laugh-out-loud funny book... that leaves the reader wanting more. The stories intertwine perfectly..All the characters are believable and funny, making the story a delightful, easy afternoon read.” Samantha Andrick, Fresh Fiction

“This amusing contemporary tale...never slows down in spite of changing viewpoints though either subplot could have served up a delicious novel on its own. The support cast is fun to follow adding to the enjoyment of a wacky tale of two women taking Manhattan.” Harriet Klausner Reviews

“ of the most outrageously funny, heart-warming stories you will ever read. Each character comes to life on the pages, making it impossible to put the book down. Ms. Winston is truly an author to keep an eye out for, as you will not want to miss any of her work.” Tangela Williams, The Romance Readers Connection

“A humorous look at a small-town girl’s life in the big city and her evolving relationship with her mother, TALK GERTIE TO ME is not to be missed.” Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

“Lois Winston does a great job blending witty narrative with multi-dimensional characters…TALK GERTIE TO ME kept me captivated.” Tracy Farnsworth, Round Table Reviews

“Laughter, wit and just a touch of womanly wisdom gives the book a fresh take. After reading this book you can say 'Yeah, I have had days like that.' Well, just pull up a chair and join the club and laugh along with the rest of us and Gertie.” Michele Patrykus, ParaNormalRomance Reviews

“Some great characterizations, and a supporting cast that’s absolutely hilarious!...You have to read this. It’s a blast!” Lucele Coutts, Novel Talk Reviews

"TALK GERTIE TO ME is great fun." Trashionista

“The heroine of TALK GERTIE TO ME, who comes equipped with her own set of modern problems, is like a Dear Abby for the chick-lit era. This book is fun, fun, fun.” Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of The Thin Pink Line, Crossing the Line, and A Little Change of Face

"Hilarious and from the heart, Lois Winston's debut is a must-read!" Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date and The Breakup Club

“Finally! An imaginary friend for grownups! TALK GERTIE TO ME is a fresh and fun look at a small-town girl -- and her mother -- who find themselves in the big city. Lois Winston's debut sparkles with the wry voice of Gertie - the straight-talking friend we all wish we had.” Alesia Holliday, award-winning author of American Idle

“Smart and sassy! Lois Winston's debut is fast-paced and laugh out loud funny. Hot fun!” Jan Coffey, author of Five In a Row and Silent Waters

“What is a girl to do when her small-town mother turns up on her Manhattan doorstep with the intention of reinventing herself and reorganizing her daughter’s life? Could an imaginary friend be the answer? TALK GERTIE TO ME is a wonderfully fun, fresh romp from debut author Lois Winston!” Michelle Cunnah, award-winning author of 32AA

“...a charming, beautifully written story that leaves you wanting more as soon as you set it down. Even when we try to leave our childhood behind, it manages to track us down, and Winston manages to show that to us in more than one "aha" moment, couched in gentle comedy and decorated with people you'd love to have dinner with. This book is a winner.” Natalie R. Collins, author of Wives and Sisters and Behind Closed Doors